Will by Person on Ship​

Suggest Format of Will by Person on Ship​​

I, MR. XXXXX YYYYYY TTTTTTT, an adult, Indian Inhabitant, residing at ……………………………. Mumbai do hereby revoke and cancel all my previous wills and codicils and declare this to be my last will and final will and codicil.

WHEREAS I am holding _____ bank account/s jointly with my wife Mrs. YYYYYYY XXXXXX TTTTTT namely account no. 00000000000012345 with KKKKKKK Bank, hereinafter referred to as the SAID BANK ACCOUNTS’

AND WHEREAS I am working on the ships in the Marine Department with M/s………………………………

AND WHEREAS in the course of my employment, I am generally residing out of India and the said employment is risky and as such it is necessary and expedient for me to make the provisions for the safety of my said account s and moneys lying in the said banks and therefore I have made the provisions for the same as under.,

I say that the above said bank accounts and the amounts lying are my self acquired property and as such I am entitled and got every right to transfer and dispose off the same by these presents.

I therefore hereby bequeath and devise my said bank accounts and moneys lying therein whatsoever may be found in my credit after my demise to and in favour of my minor son Master NNNNN TTTTTTT for his exclusive use forever.

I hereby appoint Mr./Mrs. ……………. as the sole executor of my this last will and authorize him/her to execute my last will and to disburse my said property as aforesaid to the said beneficiary according to my this will………………… .

I am making this my last will in the sound and good physical and mental healthy and in complete sound mind and after understanding that effect of my this last will.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF a I have put my signature on my this last will and testament, page and previous page nos……..after understanding the contents thereof in sound mind and in good health without any undue pressure or influence out of my free will

the withinnamed testator ]
Mr. _______________________ ]
testament in the presence ]
of both of us being present ]
at the same time and put our ]
signatures as attesting ]
witnesses at the request of ]
the testator above named who ]
signed his this last will ]
and testament in the ]
presence of each other and ]
subscribed our names and ]
addresses accordingly. ]
The names and addresses ]
Of the witnesses. ] Testator


The Certificate issued by the Registered is Mandatorily require on the same date upon which the Will was executed.

Note: The Probate of the Will is Mandatory to be done from High Court.